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Hardwood Flooring in Peabody, MA

Hardwood floors are a luxurious home addition. Adding distinction and value to a wide range of interiors, hardwood floors can last for generations. If you’re considering hardwood floors, you’re certainly not alone! There’s much to love about hardwood floors, but they must be managed with care. It can be tricky to install, and exceptional care should be taken to ensure it's compatible with your space and climate.


At Bradford Floor & Home in Peabody, MA, we're your local destination for all types of hardwood floors. Are you dreaming of gleaming hardwood floors for your home or business? Here are some things for you to consider.


Hardwood Styles


Right now you’ll find gorgeous hardwood options to please any style or taste. Modern hardwood comes in hundreds of styles, both traditional and trendy. You’ll find a wide variety of finishes, stains, shades, and sizes to create a look that's just what you had in mind.


Types of Hardwood Floors


For hardwood floor seekers, a whole forest of options awaits. Which species of hardwood is suitable for you? Honestly, the choices are as varied as personal tastes. Options include rustic and hand scraped wide pine, glossy and rich mahogany, and everything in between.


What is Engineered Hardwood?


Modern innovation has given us a newer kind of hardwood floor to contemplate, and today’s shoppers can choose between traditional solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. While these two distinctive flooring types look and feel alike, there are some notable differences below the surface.


Solid hardwood is made from solid wood. Solid hardwood is typical in historic structures. It can be refinished many times. Since it tends to be pricey, solid hardwood should be installed with care. It cannot go below grade or in areas prone to excessive humidity and moisture.


Engineered hardwood can take on all the modern-day challenges. While it’s still made entirely of wood, engineered hardwood flooring contains many layers with a water-resisting core. This type of flooring has added density, and because of this, it resists everyday wear and tear. It’s also less costly and can go in finished basements.


Hardwood Installation


Hardwood floors aren’t recommended for the bathroom or kitchen, but with a bit of thought and research, you’ll find brilliant options for anywhere else under your roof. Remember: if you opt for solid hardwood, consistent climate control is necessary. Engineered hardwood is a more thoughtful decision for spaces prone to heavy traffic or moisture or if your space is set below the grade.


Our Hardwood Floor Selection


Bradford Floor & Home is proud to be part of the world’s finest cooperative of independent flooring stores. We offer all the best hardwood flooring, including products exclusive to Carpet One Floor & Home. To learn more about our hardwood floor selection, please visit us soon at 216 Newbury Street in Peabody, MA.


More on Hardwood


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Hardwood Refinishing


As time goes on, your hardwood floor can face daily challenges. Usually, a professional intervention will be necessary at some point to refresh and revive your old hardwood floors.



Hardwood and Humidity


Hardwood floors are not only gorgeous but can also increase the value of a home and last for a lifetime or more. Understanding how humidity affects hardwood is crucial for ensuring your floors stay beautiful in the long term.



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