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Carpet in Peabody, MA

Carpet brings ongoing comfort, color, and warmth to your favorite indoor spaces, making it one of our favorite ways to floor. Today, there are carpet products aimed at tackling any challenge. From sturdy, commercial-grade weaves to reliable waterproof products, there’s a carpet that perfectly fits the bill.


You’ll discover the latest in carpet innovations at Bradford Floor & Home in Peabody, MA. Our inventory is continually expanding, and you can expect to encounter many of the hottest carpet brands. If you’re considering new carpet, here’s what you need to know.


Carpet Types


When selecting new carpet, consider the various pile styles to determine the type of design you want. You’ll want to choose a carpet color to compliment your existing home décor, brighten up a room, or hide stains and pet fur. The types of fibers also impact how your carpet will function. Synthetic fibers are great for durability, but a natural fiber like wool likewise has excellent properties to impact your home positively.


There are carpets made today for all kinds of lifestyles, including carpets made to be waterproof or stain resistant to combat pet accidents and children’s. There are five main types: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush. Learn more about our carpet remnant options.


Stain-resistant carpet is equipped to tackle your most challenging days. Made to manage even the most obnoxious accidents, these carpets stop stains and odors in their tracks. Even tougher stain offenders like red wine or chocolate sauce don’t stand a chance with these durable carpets.


Stain-resistant carpets have individually coated fibers, which keep spills from sinking in. Since all moisture remains trapped at your carpet’s surface, all you’ll need to do is remove spills with a fresh towel and a bit of water.


Carpet Installation


Carpet is incredibly durable and resistant to wear. With such durable carpets means you can install them anywhere in your home. For the ultimate comfort, we recommend installing carpets in living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. Carpets that are resistant to fading and matting are perfect for high traffic areas like stairs and hallways.


Places to avoid installing carpet include kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms due to moisture. Our expert team of flooring specialists will collaborate closely with you to ensure you find the perfect carpet to meet every need in the utmost style.


Our Carpet Selection


Bradford Floor & Home Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be a member of the world’s most prolific independent flooring cooperative. Please visit us soon at 216 Newbury Street in Peabody, MA, to browse our latest carpet displays.



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Caring for Carpet

Maintaining a pristine carpet requires commitment, but it

needn’t present a major hassle. Here are expert tips on keeping your new carpet on point.